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Your Professional Rigging Company

As a detail-oriented  Rigging Company, we have gained valuable experience through a variety of event, film and media projects (specialising in festivals) Our team members continuously strive to improve upon their technical skills and broaden their creative horizons, helping to transform every blank space into a celebration of structure. Explore our site for more information.

Live Concert

The North Easts Leading Rigging Company

Since 2021, we’ve been working with one goal in mind: to help create beautiful, safe and professional temporary environments for events and the entertainment industry.
In each project we take on, we strive to provide the best riggers available. Take a look at our projects page to see what we’re capable of, and start planning your dream event today!


Our approach to temporary structure installation has been fine-tuned since our establishment. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and our teams are fully prepped in-house - ready for quick and reliable installation on-site. Take a look at the services we offer below, and please get in touch if you have additional questions, comments, or requests.

Magnificent Stage


Everything You Need

Light Control Board

Power Distribution

Trustworthy in Every Project

Stage Lighting Setup


Professional Solutions


Client Tel:+44 113 487 5388

Crew Tel:+44(0) 7511 802616

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